Friday, August 28, 2015

Pre-Hawaii Excursion 2015 - Kuliou'ou Ridge Peak

 Kuliou'ou Ridge Peak is a hike of approximately 6 miles round trip with elevation gain of 2,000 feet. Photo captions are as follows:

- Through the forest; 
- Getting steeper near the summit; 
- At the peak; 
- And heading down with the back of Diamond Head crater in the distance near Waikiki 
- Mike at the U.S.S. Arizona Memorial

Aloha All: I'll add a short comment: Five sensational hikes in as many days, plus a Pearl Harbor tour. Lasz & Rozi were hosts extraordinaire, dragging Doyle & me all over the island of Oahu. Just an outstanding week, and I believe we're going to tour the North Shore tomorrow. 

I'll need all next week in Kauai to relax!

It was definitely the signature hike of the week. A demanding affair, fraught with peril. As we were descending the steep, slippery trail, a platoon of young Army soldiers was on their way to the summit. Thinking they were out of earshot, one GI casually quipped to his fellow soldier, "Damn, I hope I can still hike when I'm their age."

Big smiles all around. Priceless.

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