Thursday, October 8, 2015

Goat Bed Peak Loop - 10/8/15

Goat Bed Peak (Limestone)

Starting Sandstone Scramble Climb

More Difficult Limestone Scramblin

Gateway Canyon Getting Further Away
 Goat Bed Peak was explored throughout the summer and today's hike could be named its premier with ten club hikers being introduced to its difficult 2nd, 3rd and 4th class scrambles. Laszlo sent these photos of the adventure and Steve Al. provided the GPS track information.

Goat Bed Peak is located north of Calico Basin on the north side of Gateway Canyon and the south side of Brownstone Canyon. It is basically on the ridge with Gray Cap although there doesn't seem to be an easy connection between the two peaks. The hikers started at the dirt parking lot at the end of Sandstone Drive in Calico Basin and trekked around the east end of Kraft Mountain. They crossed the wash at the bottom of Gateway Canyon and began their scrambling climb up the sandstone.

Goat Bed Peak from its Ridge

Ten Goats

Trek Down Starts Easy Enough

Tricky Cliff Drop
 After this, the climb continued into the limestone and they gained the ridge. Climbing along the ridge, they made the peak and took a break. What came next was unplanned and unexplored. Steve's only comment was that he deviated from the originally planned route on the descent and ended up bringing the group down a 4th class cliff descent. He also said that everyone seemed to go along with the new route without complaint. He added that they used a rope for those hikers that "needed a little reassurance." The hike finally dropped into Gateway Canyon where they walked back to the cars.

4 miles; 1500 feet elevation gain; 3.25 hours

Still Tricky

Back into the Sandstone

Final Drop into Gateway Canyon

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