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Tony's Red Cap - 11/6/15

View of Dragon Peak from Red Cap

Warming Up

A Mild Class 3

A Short Class 3
 Tony took a group of hikers up to Red Cap on Friday. He sent these photos, GPS track and write-up on the hike.

As the sun rose Friday morning 12 hikers awoke seeing RED. So, despite temperatures in the low 40’s, these intrepid souls set out for a scrambling adventure in the Calico Hills to Red Cap. Five of the climbers, excuse me, hikers were venturing up to this popular peak for the very first time. With a few veteran hikers in the group, the coordinator was confident of having a safe and enjoyable morning.  And the entire group did not disappoint. 

The Group at the Sundial Tinaja
 A steady pace was maintained with just a few “catch your breath” pauses.  Aside from a handful of bottlenecks and “you have some long legs that I don’t have”, the dirty dozen stayed together and took the opportunity to marvel at some of the most spectacular picturesque views in southern Nevada under a perfect blue sky.

Time to Descend off Red Cap

The Slide
After squeezing through a narrow crack and confidence building, the team made it to the popular large tinaja filled with water surrounded by a panoramic background.  Then came the compulsory photo ops, and on to the summit of Red Cap. When we reached the peak at Red Cap “Minor”, a few hikers noticed they were getting great cell phone reception.  One hiker was so amazed with the views from Red Cap she called her husband and had the entire group shouting “good morning” to him. The two minute warning was given and the hikers packed up and set off for the descent down a seldom used narrow seam. Thanks to the dirty dozen maintaining a steady pace and conquering some solid Class 3’s, we made it back to the parking lot ahead of the planned completion time. ~ Tony

3 miles; 610 ft elevation gain; 2.5 hours

Careful as We Go

Seldom Used Descent Crack

Heading Home

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