Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Mummy's Nose - 6/20/18

Archive Photo of the Nose from Rocky Peak near Deer Creek Road

Heading up the Steep Wash

Nearing Final Scramble above Saddle

Summit Photo
  It’s one of the toughest ascents in the Spring Mountains—the grueling, two-mile, 2800’ scramble to Mummy’s Nose (10,748’). Yes, it’s tougher than Trail Canyon. This morning’s climb resembled a drunken fire brigade as hikers spread out all over the mountain. Precarious perches, frequent rockfall, disintegrating limestone—we had it all. Not real pretty. The descent wasn’t much better. More like an organized free fall. 
  But true to form, as we rolled back into the Santa Fe in the early afternoon, the agony of the morning was but a distant memory. ~ MOC

Descending off Mummy's Nose Summit

Scrambling Down
  Not being content with the regular route, five of us unintentionally made Mummy’s Nose even harder by going up a different canyon, then crossing a few more. But looking at the raw tracks, the routes were not that different. Yellow is my track from 2015, blue is today. Needless to say there are reception problems in the canyons, but we were only about 250ft off at worst…but a lifetime in difficulty…for me at least! So much so, I stopped at the saddle and didn’t do the last quarter of a mile.
 Anyway we got some very steep gradient training and no-one fell…and it was a lovely day.
~ Brian D

Vitals: 9 trekkers; 4 miles; 2800 vertical feet; less than 4 hours
The Third Class Section

Dealing with the Steep Wash Descent

Sigh of Relief nearing the Trailhead

Archive Track
Today's Hike in Blue Above

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