Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Calico Triple Peak - 12/20/11

The hike du jour was a wonderful scramble among the Calico Hills at Red Rock Canyon NCA leaving out of the Sandstone Quarry parking lot. Mike O'C. and Richard James provided the photos and words for this entry. Mike entitles his contribution, "Where Have all the Ladies Gone?"

For the second consecutive Tuesday / Thursday hike, we had a lone female on the day's outing. Ladies, where are you?

Under a waning crescent moon and a languid southern sun, 14 aspiring hikers mustered for the Triple Threat in the Red Rocks. Departing from Sandstone Quarry, the group trekked around to the north side of Calico Basin for the assault on Red Cap. Let the scrambling begin. Dodging rivulets of water and stepping over patches of ice, the intrepid cadre made the ascent via a seldom used Class 3 crack. One peak down, two to go. And no more ice.

Off to the east we scampered to conquer Calico Peak, 3/4 miles distant. Think more scrambling. Along the way, we passed a huge tenaja with nary a drop of water in it. Rain, rain, come our way. Two summits down, one remaining.

That third and final peak of the day would be Calico II Overlook, directly across the canyon. Piece of cake. Another dry tenaja en route. After lunch and group photos on top, it was time to begin the tricky descent down Calico II Canyon. With the drop-dead gorgeous weather, climbers littered our descent route. Continuing our clockwise route at the bottom of the canyon, we zipped through the final mile of the hike on the Grand Circle Trail, arriving back in Sandstone Quarry at the stroke of noon.

Another quality ABF outing.

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