Friday, December 2, 2011

Day After Big Wind/Snow Storm at Sandstone Quarry Vicinity - A Photo Essay- 12/2/11

Today is the day following an "epic" wind storm in the western part of the United States. The Las Vegas area received winds gusting around 50 mph and the Spring Mountain range received a good snow fall. Most of the snow that fell at the Red Rock Canyon NCA melted upon impact, however, the upper elevations in the La Madre and Rainbow Wildernesses were still fairly white.

Although there were signs of the skies clearing in the late morning hours, today, the clouds refused to abate very easily. The writer and her husband ventured into the park for a small wandering hike at Sandstone Quarry and to take a few pictures of what snow was left.

We hiked the first and third sections of the Tank Discovery Scramble; the hike that was cancelled due to the storm yesterday. The midday sun on the sandstone was enchanting. There was virtually no wind. And, the park was very quiet.

During our morning, we met up with two other Around the Bend Friends hikers who were out for the same reason we were.

There were several photographers with tripods perched on the sandstone in different places. The writer could only think to herself how much these photogs were missing by not hiking into, up, down and around the desert like we do.

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