Thursday, April 5, 2012

Mountain Spring Peak & La Ventana (The Window) - 4/5/12

                                Nine Fine Gentlemen on Mountain Spring Peak

Mike OC brings us the narrative and Richard N. contributed the photos of today's Mountain Spring Peak hike. The scheduled coordinator could not attend the hike, therefore, the nine participants enjoyed the day together with a bit of freedom to wander where they wanted at the top of the Red Rock Canyon NCA escarpment.

 The affair:            Thursday ABF trek

Primary destination:        Mountain Springs Peak

Secondary destination:        La Ventana (The window)

The route:            Up Heart Attack Hill; scramble down

The pace:            Brutal

The cast:            Nine Fine Gentlemen

Number of hike coordinators:    Nine

The weather:            Nose-dripping cold, blustery
                Katabatic winds on the ridge line

The attire:    Fully layered  (except for Ed)

The consensus:            Superb outing

The denouement:            All smiles
       Six Fine Gentlemen in La Ventana on the edge of the escarpment limestone.

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