Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Global Peak - 12/11/12

 Super Tuesday hikes never seem to disappoint ... especially when Richard Natale is in the driver's seat. Is there anywhere this man won't venture into? Richard, Jerry Th. and Laszlo offer the photos from the hike today. Jerry sends the GPS track that did some bouncing within the deep sandstone scrambling. (Corrections were made on the maps.) And, our wonderfully poetic Mike OC wrote the comments below. He calls it Global Peak by the Numbers.
14 Tuesday hikers
 3 distaff trekkers
 1 new member
10 first-timers to Global Peak
 2 persons in dungarees (never wear jeans on a scramble)
38 degrees Fahrenheit beginning of hike
51 degrees Fahrenheit end of hike

508 photos shot by Kay Komuro
 7 hiking poles abandoned upon reaching the sandstone
11             shoelace reties by the author
56 appendages in contact with the sandstone at any given time (4x14)
 2 nasty downclimbs
 2 nasty upclimbs
 3 precarious sections
 3 blood-shedders
3.5 hours on the trail
4.25 miles hiked
2100 vertical feet accumulated

 0 whines
13 pats on the back for Richard Natale
14 smiles at the end of the hike
 0 reasons not to go back to Global Peak

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wish I'd been there (instead of on the golf course -- where my game #!@&ed). Thanks to the photogs for the pics, to Michael for the prose, and to Kay for the fine presentation! ...Larry