Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Fletcher Peak via Hummingbird Gulch Loop - 6/24/14

Thirteen Hikers in Hummingbird Gulch
 We had thirteen hikers pile into three cars because of the limited space at the small Hummingbird Gulch trailhead on Deer Creek Road.  Our timing at the construction near the new visitor's center was perfect and we breezed through without stopping.  One of our cars was not so fortunate and we had to wait for them at the trailhead.  We started up Hummingbird Gulch and immediately disturbed two young deer that had been resting in the shade.  They were gone before anyone could find their cameras.  Along the trail up the steep gulch we spotted at least one hummingbird and several small blue butterflies which might be the Charleston butterfly.  

Fletcher Peak from Hummingbird Wash

 We reached the top of the gulch just below the overlook outcropping and made sure not to walk through the stinging nettles that were abundant near this spot.  We proceeded around the right side of the overlook block and took a break at the overlook before proceeding up the steep wash.  We followed the wash that was well cairned and reached the Fletcher Peak trail where we followed the trail to the summit.  After a snack break we decided to continue the loop and descend on the North Loop trail.  We followed the trail all the way down to just before its trailhead at Deer Creek Road.  At this point we started down an old power line right-of-way that goes straight down towards the Robber's Roost parking lot.  We followed this power line "trail" until we hit a mountain bike trail that led us down to the Robber's Roost trail.  From there we basically followed the old Deer Creek Highway road back to the cars.  We could see chunks of asphalt from the old road in places.  The road was covered with curled-leaf mountain mahogany trees.  It was another beautiful day with a great group of hikers.  

The stats are 13 hikers, 8 miles 3,000 vertical feet, 41/2 hours.  ~  Jerry Thomas

Descending on the Power Line "Trail"

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