Monday, June 30, 2014

Sawmill Wiggles Loop - 6/30/14

Lower Sawmill Wiggles Route

Sawmill Yellow Trail Leading to Ridge

 Four hot women and two hot men hiked the Sawmill Wiggles Loop today in the Spring Mountains NRA. We parked at the Sawmill Trailhead parking area and began our hike on the Yellow Trail. We meandered through a desert forest setting until we junctioned with the Red Trail where we took the left fork and started up. The next junction is not well marked but taking the right fork, we changed to the Green Trail where we hiked a small ridge with wide open views of surrounding peaks and desert. Macks Peak, seen in the photo to the left, was one of the peaks.

Three Hot Women
 The temperatures were high, today, but we were all prepared. A slight breeze anointed us from time to time. Coming down off of the ridge, we found the Blue Trail junction turning to the left. This is the beginning of the Wiggles Route and we found the left turn to be more used than our previous hike one month ago.

Two Hot Men

  Before we got below elevation of the big trees, we took a break underneath large junipers and pinyon pines. Our hike continued down the Wiggles until just after we crossed a dirt road. Here, we dropped onto an old road wash and began heading back in the direction of the cars. Trying to keep a straight path in that direction, we paralleled Lee Canyon Hwy while listening to the large construction trucks struggle up the mountain. Soon, we connected with Cardamine Road, a dirt road that led straight back to the cars.

5 miles; 1000 feet elevation gain; 2.75 hours

Reaching the Lower End of the Wiggles

Cardamine Road

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Jerry Thomas said...

I'm glad to see you guys didn't melt out there today. It must have been pretty hot.