Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Lee Peak - 6/3/14

The Sisters and Lee Canyon Ski Slopes below the North Loop Ridge

Hiking the Switchbacks of the North Loop with Mt. Charleston Watching

 Tuesday's early hike was a climb up to Lee Peak; a small peak that lies on the North Loop ridge at an elevation of 11, 300 feet. Thirteen hikers left the meeting place at a very early 6am anxious to get up to the peak and down before it got too late in the day. Laszlo sent these photos that aptly describe the hike as follows:

1. ...After the dreaded, ... er ... pleasant Trail Canyon warm-up, we headed up the North Loop toward Mt. Charleston.

The North Loop Trail
 2. ... And stopped a moment to see the sights, including the nearby peaks of the Sisters and McFarland. Even Bonanza Peak could be seen from the ridge.

The North Loop Trail

 3. Our group was in awe of the sight. We could even see Mummy Mountain from head to toe!

4. Being careful of the tight spots, we made it up to the peak and hammed it up a bit in the group photo!

5. Mt. Charleston seemed so close but it'll have to wait until next week.

6. At the saddle, on the way back down, horse riders said we could hitch a ride down Trail Canyon! But, alas, we decided to just hoof it down ourselves!

Descending Lee Peak the Short Route
 13 hikers; 13 miles; 4800 feet elevation gain; approx. 6 hours

Hey! Can we hitch a ride??

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