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Hoover Dam Bridge Peak - 11/25/14

Hoover Dam Bridge Peak

Hoover Dam & Bridge from Peak

Late Season Tarantula

 There is a little peak (little as in square footage) that rises between Goldstrike Canyon and the Hoover Dam and O'Callaghan- Tillman Bridge in the Lake Mead NRA above the Colorado River. Today, nine hikers were squeezed on the peak signing in to the log book and taking their break. Photos were provided by Susan Murphy,  Laszlo Heredy and Mike O'Connor. Laszlo also debuted his excellent narrative writing skills with the words below.

The Warm-Up

The Peak before the Peak

View Down from Peak

 So, nine avid AtBF hikers set out along Gold Strike Canyon towards the Colorado River...though, for only about 250 yards, as the group then took a sharp, steep left (northerly) turn to attain the ridge where the high tension pole structures are anchored high above the trail. 

After that little warm up-climb, the group ambled slightly downward toward the trail that would lead east to the three-stage scramble-climb to Hoover Dam Bridge Peak.

View Down from Peak (Other Side)

Starting the Down Climb

 After a short photo op at this peak rest stop, the next and final destination was to reach the Hoover Dam Bridge Peak several hundred yards further to the east, just above the Colorado River as it exits the dam's turbines. This involved two, or three undulating lower mini peaks to arrive at the final destination. The views from this perch were somewhat mystical as the group silently took it all in as we had our snack break.

Descent with Lake Mead in Distance

Watchful Eyes Below

Yep, it's steep!

 Coming back down involved about one quarter reversing our upward climb and three quarters heading directly south off trail to complete the balloon-on-a-string loop back to Gold Strike Canyon, merging with that trail at about its half-way point. We then strolled in a western direction back to our cars at the trailhead.

Many thanks, Kay, for your kind blog-assistance!!

Laszlo and the Tuesday Gang
5 miles; 1750 feet elevation gain; 3.5 hours
Starting Up Goldstrike Canyon

Up and Around in Goldstrike Canyon

Helping John with a Little Clean-Up

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