Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hawaii Excursion 2015 - Pihea Peak - 8/31/15

Wettest Place on Earth

This is where we are!

Hiking in the Rain -- La La La

Hills of Mud
 Hurricane Ignacio is skirting Hawaii this week to the north. But that doesn't mean that the islands will escape all of the storm's wrath. Although Ignacio is some 300 miles north of Hawaii, rain, rough surf and strong rip currents will cause havoc through Thursday in the tropical paradise. A hurricane in 1950 that blew on the same track caused 52 inches of rain to fall in Kauai over the course of four days. Our Around the Bend Friends hikers counted some of those inches on their attempt to hike Pihea Peak on Monday. Mike starts the report as follows:

It's the wettest spot on the planet. Situated in the middle of the island of Kauai, Wai'ale'ale receives an astounding 451 inches of rain a year. We got 31 of those 451 inches on today's hike. The unrelenting, torrential downpour made for treacherous footing.

Wham! Bam! And bam again! Five minutes into the hike, three ABFers were unceremoniously dumped on their collective derrières. All popped back up unscathed. Onward!

More Mud

Washout Road Block
Laszlo and Mike gave us these photos with captions as follows:

- We left our comfortable accommodations behind and 50 miles later, we arrived at the trailhead 4250 feet higher.

- Down slippery slopes (of which there were many) and through swampy muddy puddles, we slipped and slid.

- We reached a road block (seen to the left). The stream had ferociously washed out and we had to turn back.

- So, back we sloshed and trudged, safely and soundly.     Laszlo

Fearless Leader

Two Dirty Girls

Na Pali Coast 4,000’ Below

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