Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hawaii Excursion 2015 - Kahili Rock Quarry - 9/1/15

Morning Respite Rainbow

Miscellaneous Group Photos on Kauai

Nenes - Hawaii State Birds

  Since the signature hike, Kulalau Trail on the Na Pali coast was closed to visitors due to dangerously wet terrain conditions, this little jaunt was the only trek of the day. The Kahili Rock Quarry is 4 miles with a 300 foot elevation gain located on the north side of Kauai near the Kilauea Lighthouse. Finally dry, the group set out and promptly began hiking again through the puddles and muck. They passed a hillside full of the nene birds that are the Hawaiian state birds.

23 Hikers finding their way through the Puddles

Large Waves from the Storm Pound the Beach

 They all made it through relatively unscathed  —  with one unintentional ‘bathing’ adventuress performing at one of the puddles…!! Then, off they went around the bend with the crashing waves a safe distance away. Next came a good old fashion scramble over the huge boulders next to the surf. Even though it wasn't the planned hike of the day, it was great fun nonetheless.

Contributions by Laszlo, Mike OC, and Patti B.
Hawaiian Boulder Scrambling

Small Bird Sanctuary Island just North of the Lighthouse

Chris & Diane

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