Thursday, September 3, 2015

Hawaii Excursion 2015 - Waipo'o Falls Overlook - 9/2/15

Waipo'o Falls

Wheelman Trail


Muddy Falls along the Way

Laszlo's photo captions in order are:

- Yes, we are going to traverse that dirt ridge to the mouth of the Waipo’o Falls soon.
- Up through some lovely forest.
- Then our Groupie at the Lookout.
- Heading down to the dirt ridge above Waipo’o Falls. 
- We’re almost there!
- The mouth of the falls next to us, but can see no more under the danger of a severe fall!  
- Back through the woods to the cars…8 Miles, 1900’ elevation ups and downs, and just under 5 hours!!
Hugs  —  Laszlo
Dirt Ridge in First Photo

Waipo'o Falls Below - Any Further would be Dangerous

Back through the Woods

Ladies on Their Feet!

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