Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sawmill Wiggles Loop - 9/15/15

Lee Canyon Road at Mile Marker 11.5
 Three hikers had a magnificent and relaxing hike today in the Spring Mountains NRA starting at Lee Canyon Road's mile 11.5. Due to the expected wet conditions, the camera was not taken along but it was an unfortunate decision. Not only did we experience light rain and misty sleet but we also had quite a bit of sun and some cold wind. It was the kind of weather that you dream about on those hot days in the valley. We saw a flock of blue birds along Cardamine Road, a double rainbow to the north, and two wild horses staring at us when we arrived near the Sawmill Trailhead area. Since the three hikers were in good condition, we rarely stopped for breaks. This was a new and improved version of the Sawmill Wiggles Loop and it's a keeper! The hike was a great walk in the lower elevations.

5 miles; 800 feet elevation gain; 1.75 hours

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