Friday, March 22, 2019

19 Tanks Scramble - 3/20/19 (Photo Essay by Tony)

Tony provided this adorable photo essay of his 16 Tank Scramble that turned out to be 19 Tanks because of the large amount of rain we have experienced this winter. Enjoy!

A Record Breaker – 7 hikers set out on the Calico Hills 16 Tank Scramble, aka “Scramble Legs and Achin”.  Not every pool of water qualifies for the title of Tank or Tenaja. The size must cover an area of 8ft X 13ft or approximately 100 sq ft (newly revised from 7ft X 13ft based on the Int’l Society of Tenajas, according to the hike coordinator). 

The weather was a little threatening, but the challenge was too tempting. We hit the mother-load of qualified tanks today – NINETEEN!  The biggest surprise (no pun intended) was to see a huge supply of water in Tank #3.  This is the 1st time in 9 years of hiking the writer has seen an ample supply of water in this tank – which is the largest in the Calico Hills based on satellite imagery.

Several hikers completed the successful negotiation for the first time of Tony’s Wall, a solid Class 3 20ft high scramble.

Just as we started our descent after Tank #19, we saw weather (rain) pouring over the horizon to the west.  So, we decided to cut short our trek by a little bit, passing on the Canyon Drop to Mushroom Rock.

All and all a great outing for 7 aching bodies, but elated spirit.

PS – Does anyone know the derivation of the word ‘Tenaja’?
~ Tony

Another great name for this scramble would be "Tanks a Lot!"

A consideration would be to offer a new member a free membership if they can find and take a photo of every one of these 19 tanks!

No, this hasn't been approved yet!! Can the club afford to lose $5?

This tank is completely full!

So is this one!

This is a sunken tank.

This tank is a surprise to me, too!

A flooded campsite!

Always an interesting spot.

I love this tank! See how it goes all the way to the that large bush. Where's my raft?

No, tank YOU!

Where did that bare hand come from? Oh, ....

Please, take note of Tony's vogue pose! Excellent form!

You can tell they are getting more tired as the hike progresses!

Ralyn and Paul make a good duo!

Tony's Wall is a pretty good climb!

I think this is the tank I call Pretty Tank. ... But, I like Nest Tank!

Are you achin' yet?

Oh, man! The fun is over.

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Kay Blackwell said...

My wife Lark and I enjoyed your added commentary . . . 😂 Tony