Monday, October 24, 2011

Mt. Wilson ... The "Easy" Way - 10/24/11

John S., Jerry Th. and Steve A. did an exploratory hike today to the Wilson Peak summit on the escarpment beginning at First Creek. John sent this email to the blogger about their adventure.

Mt. Wilson is scheduled to be conquered on Sunday Nov. 6.
However the Leader and his Deputy had never done this peak.
Talking with two other hiking amigos, it was decided to scout the easy way through First Creek this Monday Oct. 24.

Thus we three (minus the one who was rejuvenating his blood) started at 8:00 AM to do just the course finding.
Our guide amigo had setup his GPS with all the WayPoints as downloaded from a Net trail description.

The easy access via First Creek involved a few! boulder hops, steep! side traverses, and a couple! of course corrections.
However our guide easily navigated us to the end of First Creek.

BUT--- it was only 11AM!!!

Then the ineluctable Siren-of-the-Peak came calling for us to continue and visit her high abode.
How can mortal earth-bound bondmen ever resist the temptation to be free;
free to sit on the high mountain thrones away from the maddening scurrying ants and their un-livened dreams?

Nor could we!

Thus an easy up-stroll to the high ridge and then an easy traverse to the real summit found our pertinacity easily fait accompli.

As we all must, so too we (easily) came on down and back to the start:
wiser in experience and sanitized of emotional tribulations.

It took us less than 8 (easy but hot!) hours to cover these easy 10 miles.

One (or two) did exit with parched lips waiting for a desirous wet kiss :-)

The Leader is now considering a different easy discovery approach to this highest RedRock abode on Nov. 6 (RSVP required).
(No thrill in just repeating the past :-(

Mt/ Wilson-
GPS location Date/Time:10/24/2011 11:57:09 PDT

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