Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SMYC / Dale's Trails - 10/24/11

View of Red Rock Canyon NCA escarpment from Dale's Trail.

View of Turtlehead from Dale's Trail.

Nine nifty hikers arrived at the Lost Creek parking area Monday morning to begin their hike at the base of the escarpment over the routes of the SMYC (Spring Mountain Youth Camp) Trail and most of Dale's Trail which would take them almost all the way down to Pine Creek Canyon. The trek took them six miles on the out and back hike with a net loss and gain of around 500 feet.

Autumn colors in the Ice Box Canyon wash.

Hiking at the base of the escarpment's Bridgepoint Peak.

The SMYC Trail connects the Lost Creek parking area on Willow Springs Road with the Ice Box Canyon Trail. We then crossed that trail and continued hiking on Dale's Trail which connects Ice Box Canyon Trail to Pine Creek Trail. The trail ascends and descends constantly with a deep drop in elevation just as we reached the area of Skull Rock, a large boulder that when viewed at the correct angle, appears to have two deep eye sockets. Here, we took a prolonged pleasant break in the rock garden.

Ground squirrels and desert blue jays indulge in a pile of sunflower seeds dumped by a previous hiker.

Scenes around Skull Rock.

After the break, we headed back the way we came. This is a beautiful trail where the scenery is breath- taking everywhere you look. There was a nice breeze. Autumn is slowing arriving. The easy-paced hike kept us among the red rocks for around 4.5 hours.

View of the Calico Hills from Dale's Trail.

View of the White Rock Hills from the SMYC Trail.

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