Sunday, October 23, 2011

Turtlehead via Backside - 10/23/11

John S. offers these words on today's super duper Sunday hike:

A beautiful sunny (too) warm day greeted the Sunday worshipers on their way to Gaea's high Temple to pay their sweaty respects.
It was an easy stroll to Gateway Saddle and then down and onward in the Canyon as it wound its way to its end.

Then came the up-challenge: route finding, scrambling w/o exposure, and the ever sunnier morning.
But the thrill of endurance overcoming the struggle to ascend to higher skies came-to-be on TurtleHead summit arrival.

After a brief rest, down we came into BrownStone Canyon to do a prolonged loop.
Here we stopped to view the 200 yr. old Indian wall pictos; but none did speak their meaning.

Finally, a bit more easy canyon/rock traversing to rejoin Gateway and then to back-track to the start.

A pilgrimage of 7.5 mile in 5:30 hours in observing the Day-of-Rest :-)

GPS location Date/Time:10/23/2011 10:32:10 PDT

Mike O'C. added, "John neglected to tell you that we had a contest to see who could shed the most blood. Guess who took the gold?"

We can only assume Mike won the gold! Congrats, guys!

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