Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mt. Charleston Peak Approach in the Snow- 10/7/11

David sent a report via email of the hike that was supposed to reach Mt. Charleston Peak on Friday. It had snowed for the first time this fall only a day or two before but six hikers showed up at 5:30am for a "romp" in the snow. (For a complete report of a Mt. Charleston hike, go to the September 2010 entry.)

David's report is as follows:

It had snowed from a couple of inchess (at the trailhead) to a foot or more near the top. It was cold today.

It was a struggle hiking through that snow - it was pretty treacherous some places.

It was beautiful too. ground plants and trees were covered with ice & snow. When the wind stopped, in the sun, it felt amazing up in the saddle..

We got pretty close - maybe an hour away, but because of the ice & snow we decided it would have been too dangerous to make it to the top.. This is one of the most draining hike I have ever been on - 10 hours in the snow.

I am one tuckered out cowpoke.

There were six hikers, guys, all ABF.

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