Saturday, February 16, 2013

Anniversary Narrows - 2/16/13

                              Lilia Gazes Up Inside Anniversary Narrows

                                Among the Layers Inside the Narrows

 Anniversary Narrows never fails to attract a crowd and today was no exception as twenty-eight hikers began their hike at the Ore Car Mine sign on the improved dirt road that leads out to Las Vegas' most beautiful slot canyon. When we got down to the big wash, we separated into two groups; nine hikers chose to go up to the old mining camp and nineteen hikers headed straight on out to the narrows.

                                        Old Tunnels Used for Mining

 The mining company that has taken over the land here has "improved" the road all the way into the wash and out the other side past the tunnels. Unfortunately, they have cut out the beautiful vein of rock that dipped down into the wash and back out around the old mining tunnels and dam. Nevertheless, the old tunnels are still there even though it takes a little more nerve to get to them and enjoy them since the trails between them have almost slid down the hill.

                                    Hikers Enter Anniversary Narrows

 Happily, the new mining company can't "improve" the narrows since the slot canyon is on wilderness property. The group of nineteen hikers slowly made their way into the narrows and enjoyed every foot of it as they strolled through between the walls. Today, we were sharing the narrows with several other people, including a boy scout group. We all agreed that it was a great place to visit.

                                 Waiting for Turns at the Small Obstacle

 Even though we were hiking at a very relaxed pace, we did not see the other group of nine hikers until we had taken a leisurely snack break at the other end of the canyon and started back. It was reported that that group had enjoyed a prolonged stay at the camp while talking about the history of Anniversary Mine. They passed us near the top end of the narrows then took a shortened break at the end before returning.

                                                    White Rock

 The larger group had enjoyed a nice break in the sun and returned through the canyon at a similar pace as the trip up. We didn't want to get back to the cars and have to wait for the smaller group of hikers. So, five hikers decided to hike up the hill to the old mining camp on the way back out. That little scary trail that is so slippery coming down is actually quite decent when used to go up instead!

                                              John in Technicolor

 Those five hikers took the quick pass version of the camp and came down the dirt road. Since the smaller group of hikers had taken only a short break, the five ended up being the last hikers to reach the cars. All's well that end's well and we all had an absolutely wonderful warm day!

                                              Right Turn in Narrows

                        Linda and Karl Climbing Up to Old Mining Camp


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