Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baby Wilson - 2/24/13

Four hikers bagged the peak of Baby Wilson this morning led by Richard Natale. Continuing his escarpment saga, Richard found a route up a nice little peak that sits on the base of Mt. Wilson and today was its debut. Richard wrote a little for us as seen below.

Very cold and windy at the meeting place this morning.
After some deliberation the group decided to give it the old college try.
With hats, hooks and neck warmers we  four, maybe not the smartest, trekked across the desert for one and one half miles to the canyon at the foot of Baby Wilson.
At last,out of the wind we climbed to the summit where the wind let up for a short time so we could take a picture.
We started down the east side obstacle course and waited for Paul to grab his cache.
The next 150 ft down was the worst of the wind.
We managed to get back down to the desert floor and back to the trail head in record time. ~ Richard Natale

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