Sunday, May 26, 2013

Cockscomb Peak Exploratory - 5/25/13

 While ten hikers were exploring down at the Lee Canyon Narrows and an unknown multitude were hiking the Upper Kyle Canyon Drainage with Chris, four adventurous hikers were exploring Cockscomb Peak and variations thereof. Mike OC, Steve and Becky, and Laszlo started out at the Echo parking area and did the climb up Trail Canyon. At the saddle, they turned right to head out Cockscomb Ridge. This is where Laszlo's and Mike's photos begin. Mike offers a few words about the hike below:

 An astonishing 50% of the group were first-timers today--Becky & Lasz.  They were both excited to set foot on a new peak.  On the ascent, we took Becky up a really tough section.  It wasn't until our descent that we discovered a less exposed route.  We did a loop route and the descent from Cockscomb Ridge proved to be extremely steep.  We wound up intersecting Trail Canyon about 1.2 miles from the trailhead. Just under five miles with 2.1k (2100 ft) of vertical. The plan is to schedule this one again in August as a club hike.

Thanks for your contributions Mike and Laszlo.

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