Saturday, May 4, 2013

Lone Mountain & Picnic - 5/4/13

Sitting On Top of Lone Mountain

 A total of twenty-six hikers arrived at the Lone Mountain Park this morning for a foray up the slopes of Las Vegas' "Pet Rock" (aka Lone Mountain). Seven hikers decided to do it the hard way up the East and down the South. Sixteen hikers took the normal easier climb up the North and down the West. The final three hiked around the mountain at the bottom of the slopes. In the photo to the left, six of the seven hikers are shown climbing up the hard way.

Descending Lone Mountain on the South Side

 After all the hikers were down off of the big rock, a picnic for the Around the Bend Friends was hosted by Diane and Chris Dempsey. We gathered at a reserved picnic venue there at Lone Mountain Park and had hot dogs and hamburgers and all the fixin's. We all had a fun time with our abundance of friends. Thank you Diane and Chris and all the other volunteers that helped with the picnic.

Due to the many routes taken today, the maps below do not reflect the directions that hikers took around the mountain to complete their hikes.

Knife Edge Near the Bottom

Up East, Down South

Up North, Down West

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