Monday, May 27, 2013

New Cathedral Rock Parking (Updated) - 6/23/13

Cathedral Rock Towers Over New Parking
An article in the paper recently said that there were 60 parking places now open for the Cathedral Rock trailhead area. There are numbers painted on the spaces and it makes one wonder if these will eventually cost a fee to park in. But, not yet. The writer visited this new parking lot and trailheads today. (6/23/13). The parking lot is beautiful and there are six toilets (4 that flush) offered. Both the South Loop and the Cathedral Rock trails begin here at the same place. The turn off for Cathedral Rock is to the right shortly after beginning the hike. The South Loop Trail continues straight in much the same route that it did before the construction.

Note: Do not park in the spaces in front of the fancy brick walls to the right just as you enter the area! These spaces are for the park rangers. Perhaps they will post a sign soon.

To get to the new parking, continue past the old Cathedral Rock parking area (that doesn't exist anymore!) and turn to the right up the hill.

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