Friday, October 25, 2013

Echo Canyon / Fossil Ridge - 10/25/13

Echo Canyon

Fossil Ridge

 Thirty hikers came out for a moderate hike on Nevada Day, a state celebration of Nevada's entrance into statehood. Under Doug's jovial direction, we parked at the Cowboy Trails parking lot and headed up to the upper part of the Red Rock Stables. After dropping down past the buildings and climbing up toward a large canyon junction, we took the trail leading off to the right into Echo Canyon.

Crossing Over to Echo Canyon

 The large group spread out into a long line and we meandered up the canyon dealing with its easy scrambles from time to time. The weather was perfect and would soon be warm when the sun climbed over the canyon walls of the North Blue Diamond Hills in the boundaries of Red Rock Canyon NCA. A half moon hung overhead. Conversation continued throughout the hike with very few hikers lost in their own thoughts.

One of Few Difficult Scrambles

 At the most difficult scramble of the canyon, there is a beautiful shell fossil, as seen to the left, that is found on the large rock to the left as you are going up canyon. Two miles up the canyon, we junctioned with Fossil Ridge Trail and stopped for our break. Next, we would return in the direction from where we came but on a slightly higher elevation as this trail leads along the side of Echo Canyon.

Breaktime at Fossil Ridge Trail Junction

 Our trip back to the cars was quick and pleasant. The scenery was colorful. Many of us tried our voices and whistles at the echo point above Echo Canyon. We passed a group of horse riders then continued on down the trail to the parking lot. Another great hike to start the day off right.

4 miles; 800 feet of elevation gain

Fossil Ridge Trail at Echo Point

Fossil Ridge Above Echo Canyon

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