Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Mescalito Peak - 10/29/13

Mescalito Peak in the Center of Pine Creek Canyon

So Far So Good

  It was a Super Tuesday hike to Mescalito Peak, today. There was some very precarious scrambling going on in the cool but clear day after yesterday's wind storm. The temperature had dropped around twenty degrees from recent hikes but it appears that the effort these hikers put into the climb up the pointy sandstone peak may have leveled off the difference.

Mescalito Peak is a small peak that lies in the middle of Pine Creek Canyon off of the Scenic Loop of Red Rock Canyon NCA. The hike begins at the Pine Creek turnout and follows the trail toward the canyon on the right side of Mescalito called Fern Canyon. After climbing up to the peak, the loop hike drops down into the other fork of Pine Creek Canyon and returns to the starting point.

Okay. Now, we're scrambling!

Steeper and Steeper

Laszlo, Mike, Richard and Patrick sent in photos of the hike and Laszlo offers these words about their adventure. Thanks guys! 

Well, as instructed by our supreme hike scheduler, this peak was to be undertaken by only the most stalwort hikers.

Hang On!

A Beautiful Sight - Approach to Mescalito Peak

And, we all rose to this momentous occasion - we stayed close together, we looked out for each other, and idle chat was minimal along the way!

(According to Steve's GPS, the vitals were 8.7 miles, 2800' and 6 1/4 hours.)

Starting Down

More Crazy Scrambling

 The most noteworthy memory of this great almost nine mile and close to 3000' trek is that this peak is one of the lower elevation outcroppings, yet it is a most challenging accomplishment!

Congrats to our Tuesday stalwart hikers once again, and thank you, Richard for leading the way, and for Paul for dismissing any lingering phobias he may have nutured for the last ten months!!! ~ Laszlo

Safe Zone

Hiking Out of Pine Creek
Today's Loop Hike

Last Year's Out & Back

Last Year's Out & Back

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