Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Gray Cap via Gray Fox Canyon - 10/9/13

Gray Cap Peak

Turtlehead Peak from Climb Out of Gateway Canyon

 Tuesday's hike to Gray Cap via Gray Fox Canyon was attended by fifteen hikers. It looked like a fun and exhilarating scramble. Mike OC and Scott sent some photos and Mike wrote a little for us. The scenery photos are from Kay's archives of a similar hike last December when there was a storm bearing down on us. The weather appeared to be much better for their hike on Tuesday. The hike began and ended at the dirt parking lot deep in Calico Basin.

Gray Fox Canyon

 Blowin' in the Wind. The classic Bob Dylan folk song from 1962 asks nine simple questions: How many roads must a man walk down...? The Tuesday troupe went to Gray Cap this morning. They ask only four:

 1. How many cars does it take to transport 15 hikers to the trailhead? 

Seven, if John Chang isn't there to do the math.

Fifteen Hikers on Gray Cap

 2. How does one exorcise those early morning demons? 

Turn Five-stop Hill into Nonstop Hill.

 3. How many damsels were present in that illustrious gathering?

Sólo uno.  The indefatigable Susan Murphy.

Turtlehead Peak from Top of Descent

 4. How many times has the ABF gang been up Gray Fox Canyon and how many different routes are there?

13 and 13.

Lots of scrambling, lots of smiles. Two-k vertical, a mere five miles.  MOC

A Particularly Interesting Part of the Descent

Looking Back up Gray Fox Canyon

Several Options for the Gray Cap Hike
 Below: A Favorite Route of the Writer's

A Favorite Route of the Writer's

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