Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Griffith Peak via Rainbow - 6/11/13

Griffith Peak from Fletcher Peak Trail
 It looks like twelve hardy hikers attended this fantastic Super Tuesday hike to Griffith Peak via the little community of Rainbow. This hike begins in Rainbow and heads up through the canyon on a very steep trail. When this trail junctions with the ridge, the hike turns right onto the Harris Springs Trail. This trail leads up through a cliff area and around Griffith Peak through old bristlecones with fantastic views of Lovell Canyon and the back of the Red Rock escarpment.

Griffith Peak Summit
 There are a couple of ways the hike can ascend to the summit. Not sure which way today's hike went but any way you climb, it is quite a climb. By the looks of the photos that Mike OC sent, everyone was very happy today (as usual)! It's nice to see Richard and Eva joining the Tuesday gang in the Spring Mountains. This hike is almost 10 miles with 4327 feet of elevation gain.

Jerry gives us the story on our favorite honor member, Marbles, the dog. Marbles followed us all of the way up.  She got premium dog food from Tim, water from me and all sorts of goodies from Larry.  She was nosing around Larry's pack quite a lot.  Marbles actually led us all of the way and we dropped her back at her owner's house.  We said hi to her owner, Irene, and thanked her for letting her hike with us.  We had met Irene on our way up the mountain and asked her if we could take Marbles up the mountain.  Marbles went happily back to her master. ~ Jerry

Marbles Joins the Club!!!

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