Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mt. Charleston - 6/18/13

Nine AtBF Hikers on Mt. Charleston Peak with Mummy Mountain in Background

 It doesn't get more Super Tuesday than this, folks! Mike OC checks in with these photos and prose from today's summit.

Nine roosters assembled at the Santa Fe in the wee hours of the morning to tackle southern Nevada's highest peak:  Mt Charleston.  The weather was nigh perfect, although a tad chilly, as we started up Trail Canyon in the shade.  Four hours and a little change later, we stood atop the summit.  The panorama was breathtaking.  

Looking for a change of scenery, Steve decided to take us back down via the South Trail.  If the ascent pace was tedious and taxing, the descent was lightning fast.  Little conversation, no photos--just go.  Highlights abounded on this high elevation Tuesday, but two stood out:  
A sub eight-hour loop and ice cold beer at the trailhead.  Big smiles at the South Loop trailhead, as brewskis were downed and tales of the trek grew more outrageous.  Some estimated we spent more time in the parking lot than we did on the trail.

Vitals:  17 miles, 5k vertical, 7:58 elapsed time.

Today's Hikers Did the Reverse of This

Today's Hikers Did the Reverse of This

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