Monday, June 10, 2013

Stanley B Trail - 6/10/13

Echo Cliffs from the Stanley B Trail

Hiking Up the Wash Trail

 Today's hike morphed several times and didn't stop morphing until we got to the trailhead! Thirteen hikers arrived to hike the Stanley B Trail. Five of those thirteen hikers decided to hike the full 5 mile point to point hike of Stanley B / Fletcher Canyon. Two hikers extended the hike up the wash for an extra workout and the remaining six hikers did a three mile out and back hike to the Stanley B mine.

Posing at the Mine Entrance

Hiking Down to the Fork Area from the Mine

 The out and back hike was pleasant and slow. We hiked up the wash trail then connected with the small trail that cuts off a corner of the old road access route. At the mine area, we took our break while we waited for the two extenders, then headed back down the complete old road access route for the return. The hike was new for several people who didn't realize that this area existed. It was a warm morning but the fresh air was felt as we sat for our break. Three miles with 865 feet of elevation gain.

Old Road Access Junction with Kyle Cyn Hwy

Griffith Peak and South Loop Ridge from Stanley B Trail

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