Sunday, July 7, 2013

Carpenter One Fire Update and Forest Service Link - 7/7/13

Carpenter One Perimeter (Posted 10:15am)
 In search of information on the Carpenter One Fire, we found this forest service website that gives the latest information. The website's name is InciWeb (Incident Information System). The link is

Infrared Map (Posted 10:15am)
 Within the website, there is a "Maps" link from which these maps were taken at 10:15am today (Sunday). Due to the lack of public information out there about this fire and the tremendous amount of interest in what is going on in our mountains, the InciWeb website has experienced an overload of traffic. It may be a little slow in response.

Closure Map (Posted 10:15am)

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Larry Dunn said...

John & Kay: Thanks to you, AtBF has the best maps of the fire area! Thanks for the Inciweb link. ...Larry