Saturday, July 27, 2013

Mummy Springs via Trail Canyon - 7/27/13

Officially Not Afraid of the Rain

 Fourteen AtBF hikers showed up early this morning to hike to Mummy Springs and to see if we could keep our streak of beating the raindrops intact. We started from the Echo parking lot on a beautiful and very cool morning and made our way up Trail Canyon to the saddle at our own paces. After a well deserved break, we continued to Raintree where we took a second break. Our last leg of the adventure took us to Mummy Springs and then the real fun began ....

The fog started rolling in and then the rain finally caught us. Rain gear was quickly pulled out and put on and the hike back down continued between the rain showers. Since there was no lightening to accompany the rain, it was kind of enjoyable for many of us to experience our first hike in the rain on the mountain. We gathered up here and there to make sure everyone was okay and we all made it back to the cars intact and happy to have lived to hike another day.

Our thanks go out to Tim B. for leading this 8 mile adventure that included a great workout of 2500 feet of elevation gain and lots of thrills for all the hikers involved. ~ Mike C.

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