Monday, November 21, 2011

Blue Diamond Bike Trails - 11/21/11

The Blue Diamond Bike Trails are located behind the small community of Blue Diamond, Nevada on Red Rock Canyon NCA land. Nine hikers came out for a loop hike which winds its way up to the high point of these hills then descends through a canyon on one of three trails. Although these trails are used by cyclists on a regular basis, only one cyclist passed us today.

There was rain in the area last night and we were wondering if the rain had finished its thing. The black clouds were still covering most of the Spring Mountain range and behind the Red Rock escarpment. But, the sun peeked through the clouds here and there and we enjoyed the beauty that the clouds added to the vistas. There was very little wind and the temperature raised up to somewhere in the 50's. We were all ready for the cold but we didn't get it!

The beginning of the trail is part of the old Spanish Trail and the marker (seen in the first photo) still sits albeit broken just off the trail. The trail zigzagged up the highest hill as we strained our eyes to look for the burro herd that grazes here. No such luck! The burros must have been foraging either across Highway 159 or over toward Bonnie Springs. They could also have been in Red Rock Canyon proper. There was a rumor that they were seen there two days before.

We decided to take our break below the famous sandstone snack rocks that are perched twenty feet above the trail. Then we followed an easy route back down through the adjacent canyon. We returned to our cars after 4.7 miles in a fast but leisurely 2.5 hours. No rain. And, no burros.

The return route taken today is indicated by "Option #1" on the map above.

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