Friday, November 25, 2011

North Blue Diamond Ridges Photo Essay - 11/24/11 - Thanksgiving Day

The North Blue Diamond Ridges are located across Highway 159 from the Red Rock Canyon NCA Visitors' Center.

Trails begin after walking past the horse corrals where trail rides are offered. We call this photo "Bridle Bouquet."

Today thirteen hikers began their hike by climbing Boneshaker Hill.

Views of the escarpment and Calico Hills were wide open behind us from the steep hill.

The first part of the climb was the steepest. Then the hill, divided in about four parts, became more and more gradual.

We watched the morning sun hit Turtlehead Peak.

We hiked up and into that morning sun.

Finally, at the junction of the ridges cross trail, we found the Boneshaker sign ... dilapidated.

The ridges cross trail led in, out and around the tops of the canyons. We passed many cyclists and family hikers. We also saw two separate trail rides in progress.

This middle section of the hike was, perhaps the most beautiful as we enjoyed and were thankful for the fascinating desert.

When we reached the southernmost side of the ridges, we turned right to begin our descent down Fossil Ridge. This ridge is edged with dark colored caliche stone.

Our six mile hike, sans break, lasted only 2.5 hours. Now, bring on the turkey!

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