Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Calico Triple Peak - 11/13/12

                           A Beautiful November Day on the Calico Peaks

 Today's hike was a scramble among three peaks in the Calico Hills of Red Rock Canyon NCA starting out of Sandstone Quarry. Mike and Lazlo offer these photos and Mike contributes the interpretation of today's event.

"...and the skies were not cloudy all day."  Nor was there a breath of wind.  An absolutely stunning November day.  Which was reason enough to bag three peaks on a Tuesday morning.  So 10 trekkers (nine dudes and a damsel) rambled out of Sandstone Quarry en route to Peak #1, Red Cap via the back door.  That would be the approach on the north side of the Calico Hills.  In the early morning shade.  It was up the third class slot, then a cautious step on a manmade cairn to attain the plateau.  Take pictures, sign register, go to Peak #2.

                                           Red Cap Summit Photo

 That would be Calico Peak, a mere 30 minutes east of Red Cap.  But on the way, the group would encounter the fabled "Triple D," the Diane Dempsey Descent.  Most used arms and legs for the down climb; some preferred the 'Derriere slide.'  Whatever works.  All negotiated the section safely.  Calico Peak now loomed just above us.  Once again sign register, eat lunch, tell a few war stories and move on.  Gazing due south, we spied our third and final peak of the day--Calico II Overlook.  Andiamo!
                                       The Diane Dempsey Descent

 After the first two peaks, the third was a piece of cake.  An easy scramble down to the huge tenaja followed by a gentle climb to Calico II.  Magnificent panoramas from here as the entire Red Rock valley lay beneath us.  No time for complacency however, as the tricky Calico II descent still awaited us.  Carefully, we dropped into the canyon and wended our way back to the base.  An anticlimactic one-mile trek back to Sandstone Quarry and the clockwise loop was complete.
                                 Descent from Calico Tank to Calico II

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