Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nam Chung and Wilson Trail, Hong Kong - 11/21/12

                       Hong Kong with Brian's Hike Indicated in the North

 Here’s the .kml file of where I hiked today.  Tough hiking here.  10 miles and 2800 ft gross gain at 2.6 mph over rough trails through dense forest/jungle in 100% humidity up in the clouds…and apparently this was an ‘average’ hike for these guys.  I was wet through from soon after the start until the end.  I think probably only the Tuesday folks could have handled this hike. 

Yes, they (the people here) say it’s one of the best places in the world for hiking.  However, you have to be prepared to be dripping with sweat most of the time!  Next time I won’t keep my wallet in the usual place, but in a ziplock in my pack.  It’s going to take days to dry out.  Yesterday I hiked with the American Women’s Association who ‘hire’ (each hiker pays a fee) Paul ( to lead two ‘adventure’ hikes each month. 

In talking with Paul there’s tons of well-maintained trails in, and around the coast, islands and new territories as you can see from his web site. The public transportation system is very extensive and frequent, so it’s easy to do point-to-point hikes like we did yesterday.  You just have to know the buses – which is where Paul comes in.

In parts of the forest/jungle it was very dark even early afternoon – such as when we were going by a long-abandoned village. ~ Brian D.

The hike started on the right in the image above and ended on the left by the water. Thanks Brian for checking in! How interesting!

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