Thursday, November 22, 2012

Eagle Peak - Thanksgiving Day - 11/22/12

                           Gass Peak and Lone Mountain from Eagle Peak

 A small crowd of six hikers came out for a pre- Thanksgiving meal hike today. A small crowd for a small peak called Eagle Peak which is located to the west of everything Las Vegas at Alexander Road. Just inside the boundary for the Red Rock Canyon NCA, there is a nice parking area with restrooms at the trailhead.

                Frenchman Mountain and the Las Vegas Strip from Eagle Peak

 The hike is pretty straight forward ... just up then down over a mile and a half to two miles. But, the views from Eagle Peak are what hikers come here for. Wonderful views of Gass Peak, Lone Mountain, all of Las Vegas and over to the Red Rock escarpment. The 1000 feet of elevation gain is steep and sometimes slippery but, for the most part, not too bad. There are many slabs of limestone to aid in footing.

                 Thanksgiving Hikers on Eagle Peak Summit (Plus Mike)

 We reached the peak minus one hiker who decided to stop at an intermediary overlook. While there, we saw a red-tailed hawk gliding around below us. There were also many fossils in the limestone slabs. Some are seen in the photo to the left. A tattered American flag is hung on a flagpole near the peak. There is also another flag there. Does anyone know what flag it is?

                                Mike Wonders What Flag This Is ?????

Found it! It is an Hawaiian flag!

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