Thursday, November 15, 2012

Windy Peak - 11/15/12

                     Hiking the Sandstone Portion of the Windy Peak Trail

"...and a lone lady shall lead the way."  On Tuesday it was Susan.  Today it was Rozi.  A solitary woman leading nine little boys up the mountain.  To Windy Peak.  The toughest part of the Thursday hike may have been 30 seconds after closing the car door: The Road.  Hard by the Mountain Springs Saloon, the steep, utility road is unrelenting and in-your-face.  Twenty minutes later, the anaerobic section of the trek was history.  Cruise control from here on.

After negotiating brushy trails and scree, the cream-colored, sandstone slab was a welcome sight.  Poles were discarded as the 10 trekkers switched gears for the final scramble to the apex.  Rozi took no prisoners on this cloudy morning, as lunch was served 75 minutes after leaving the vehicles.  

Upon returning to the trailhead and the cars, it was a bit early for a cold beer at the saloon, so it was 'load 'em up and move 'em out.'  Best Buy or bust.  ~ Mike O'Connor
                                        Windy Peak Summit Photo

Thanks, Mike and Laszlo for your contributions to this entry.

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