Sunday, November 4, 2012

Tank Discovery Scramble (Photo Essay) - 11/4/12

                                            Main Calico Tank Today

                 Tank on Calico II Overlook with Las Vegas Strip in Background

The Sunday hikers did almost five miles of scrambling, today, in the northern section of the Calico Hills. We "discovered"  twelve tanks, or tinajas, that were around half full of water from the recent rains. This entry is a simple photo essay of our day. We had eight hikers who scrambled among the sandstone with a gross elevation gain of 1500 feet over the course of 5.5 hours.

                                               Refrigerator Tunnel

                             Hiking Out to the Arch near Sandstone Quarry

                               Seven Hikers (plus Photographer) at the Arch

                                      Jerry Scrambles Up Above Crack

                              Turtlehead Peak Towers Above the Sandstone

                                    Phase I Peak and One of Two Tanks

                      Descent From Phase I Peak to the Calico Tanks Trail

                                   Climbing Steps on Calico Tanks Trail

                                Rooster Rock From Beginning of Phase II

                                       Scrambling Up the Sandstone

                                 View From Tanks Area to the Escarpment

                                     Large Tank - "Tank With Big Rock"

                                       Tadpole Shrimp in "Pretty Tank"

                                                    "Pretty Tank"

                                   Roger Climbs Back From "Pretty Tank"

                Don and Jerry Look for Creatures in "Exclamation Point Tank"

                                "Over the Hill Tank" with a Lot of Water

                                                   "Sunken Tank"

                            Rock Fall Scramble Between the Rock Towers

                         Jerry Overlooks the Scenery from Calico II Overlook

                  The Hikers Finishing Up Their Break at Calico II Overlook

                          Class III Scramble Down from Calico II Overlook

                                           Tank Below Calico Peak

                    Lettie and Stephen Scramble Down from Calico Peak Tank

                           Lettie Climbs from Wash to Calico Tanks Trail

                                         Calico Tanks Trail Scenery

                                     Scrambling Down the Red Sandstone

                                Climbing Out of Turtlehead Slot Canyon

                                          Turtlehead Slot Canyon

                                            Phase III Well Underway

                      Roger and Jerry Take a Break at the Phase III Peak Tank

                                       Descent From Phase III Peak

                                       Petroglyphs Seen on the Trail

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Jerry Thomas said...

Wow, great photos! Especially the ones with me in them. ;-) it was a beautiful day for a hike and a great group. I can't think of a better way to get some exercise.