Friday, March 1, 2013

Pahrump Excursion - 2/28/13

 Hey, everyone! Cindy Wilson is back! And, she has brought her photography expertise to present the Pahrump Excursion that was held on Thursday and organized by Lorraine Stalians. Cindy contributed these fantastic photos and wrote some words for us as follows:

Been a while!!
I went with the ATBF trip to Pahrump yesterday (combined with the Lone Mountain club) and took some photos.

Around 40 members from both clubs went to Pahrump to see "the sights". Because of the large size of the group, we divided into two groups - half going to the winery first and having lunch there. The rest going to Shari's Ranch first and having lunch there.
We arrived at Shari's Ranch, but photography inside was not allowed. The tour was very informative and insightful. After hearing the details (and the money to be made) some of the ladies came home with an application!.... We enjoyed a buffet lunch in their restaurant.

 We then went to the Pahrump Valley Roasters. (The photo above shows the guy giving this tour.) Here we learned about the different kinds of coffee roasting they did here. Later we went to their coffee shop and brought home several kinds of their aromatic coffees.

 Our final stop was at the Pahrump Valley Winery. We toured outside and inside. Of course the highlight was tasting many of their wines. There were many varieties from very sweet to very dry so, after sampling 7-10 different wines, everyone found at least one they liked.

Everyone agreed this was a very fun day - a big thank you to the organizer Lorraine Stalians!!! (Lorraine is seen in the photo to the left.) We decided that each of these locations could be added to the trips to the China Date Farm to make a really fun filled day.
~ Cindy

The web writer would also like to shout out a big welcome back to Cindy. Her photos are always top notch. Thanks, Cindy.

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