Wednesday, December 11, 2013

McCullough Hills Trail - 12/11/13

Sun Shelter Using Rebar on McCullough Hills Trail

McCullough Hills Trail Signs

There were ten hikers on today's moderate hike on the McCullough Hills Trail found in the Sloan Canyon NCA at Henderson, Nevada. The entire trail goes point to point over 8.3 miles, however, we began at the Mission Drive Trailhead and hiked out and back for a total of 6 miles. The trail is relatively new. It was finished some time last year. However, the Mission Drive parking lot is still under construction at this time.

Lizard Rock Art

 After parking on the street, we said "hello" to the parking lot construction workers as we passed by and began our hike on the trail to the left at the end of the street. The trail is a wide dirt path with cobblestones placed intermittently in places where water would likely wash the trail away during rain. There were many trail signs at the side of the trail so there was little chance that a hiker, biker or jogger might lose the route.

Cobblestones Added to Wash Areas

 There were a couple of smaller trails that junctioned with our main trail that looked interesting. We saved them for another day. Today, our hike went three miles into the McCullough Hills and returned for an elevation gain of 1100 feet. It was a beautiful desert hike/walk and is rumored to have a beautiful flower display in the spring time.

Hiking and Talking

Trailhead Parking Lot Under Construction (Dec. '13)

Elevation Chart for Today's Hike Only

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