Monday, December 23, 2013

Richard's and Steve's Rescue of a Stranded Hiker - 12/23/13

Interesting story....
Eva ,Steve and I were on our way down from one of our rappelling routes when we heard a whimpering voice calling for help.
We made vocal contact with the person in need asking what the problem was. He stated he was on a remote peak and could not
get up or down.
The sun had dropped down behind the mountain and it was cooling off very quick.
The victim had made a phone call to his Mom who called search and rescue but could not get service after that call.
Eva continued down to give S&R some direction while Steve and I climbed up trying to locate the lost hiker.
I remember him calling out that he weighed 400 lbs. I thought to myself, Wow!!! That is a lot to rescue.
We continued climbing up a very narrow slot finally getting above the victim.
We down climbed to his location and helped him up to a safe and comfortable landing.
Then we called off the S&R and cancelled the helicopter.
He made the return to the car with no problem and was escorted back to his car with one of the Park Rangers.

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