Sunday, September 29, 2013

Club Members' Excursion to Moab - 9/25/13

Delicate Arch Sunset

The Exposed Part of the Delicate Arch Hike
 Kay and John B. went to Moab, Utah for the fourth time this past weekend to check out the area for a club trip in October of 2014. These photos should whet your appetite for the trip. Even though the weather was not great due to high winds and a little rain, we got several nice photos and saw everything we wanted to see.

Mesa Arch Sunrise - Washer Woman Arch

Mesa Arch Sunrise

Balanced Rock During a Cloudy Sunset
 The day we got there, we did the sunset at Delicate Arch. The winds were so strong that I was somewhat amazed that a few of the arch photos were fairly sharp! Almost got blown off the rock there! (Along with 75 of our closest friends!)

The next day, we woke for sunrise at Mesa Arch. There were around 15 other photogs there catching a gorgeous view. The dust in the air actually added to the Washer Woman Arch photos!

Courthouse with Courthouse Wash
We drove around the Island in the Sky of Canyonlands a little but needed breakfast and a nap! Later that day, we returned to Arches for a small hike at Park Avenue. It was very dramatic with the threateningly cloudy skies.

Turet Arch through North Window Cloudy Sunrise

Double Arch During a Cloudy Early Morning
 The next morning, we woke for sunrise photos of Turet Arch through the North Window. We arrived inside the window and looked around to find where the photo was to be taken from. When we peered through the dawn light up on the cliff across the small gully, we saw around 5 photogs lined up wondering when we were going to move out of their shot. Quickly, we scrambled over to them and enjoyed the photog party! By the time it was all over, there were around 10 photogs on the tiny ledge!

Devil's Garden Landscape
 Later that day, we found a parking place at Devil's Garden and only hiked out to Landscape Arch. The views were gorgeous again ... if you faced north!

Moab is definitely a good photographer's vacation. The hikes are either very short or very long and there is a lot of driving. When we plan the club outing, we will take all of this into consideration.

Pine Tree Arch in Devil's Garden


Anonymous said...

Amazing photos. Hope to make that trip in 2014. Lettie

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Great photos! Jerry