Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Zion Excursion 2013 - 9/5/13 thru 9/8/13

Zion National Park
 Fifty-seven members of the Around the Bend Friends Hiking Club of Las Vegas drove up to Zion National Park in southern Utah on Thursday. There were 18 hikes scheduled for the next four days and we arrived ready to go! Rooms had been reserved for months and despite a few changes, we all ended up with a roof over our head somewhere! Thursday's weather was hot and humid but the temperatures improved every day after that ... thanks to the rain.

Springdale was as welcoming as usual. All languages were present and accounted for! All eighteen hikes were covered with volunteer coordinators and they turned out to be awesome! YOU ARE ROCK STARS!! The Around the Bend Friends coordinators are THE BEST! We didn't lose anyone and every hike accomplished what it set out to do with the exception of a couple of hitches due to weather.

We invaded Oscar's Restaurant almost every night and they handled us like pros! Everyone figured out the shuttles easily and we all arrived at hike points without problems. The Zion Adventure Company did their part in renting equipment for the Narrows hikes. And, cars driving to the east side hikes got through the tunnel quickly.

 For this excursion, the writer is trying something different. We'll call this entry "the front page." Then, each hike will have its own entry. This way, the hikes will be more easily accessed by internet users. John and I thank everyone who participated and look forward to another excursion to Zion in a couple of years.

Zion After We Were Done with Her!

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