Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Zion Narrows (3 different groups) - Zion National Park - 9/6/13 & 9/7/13

Wall Street at 43 cfs

Diane and Sharon Dwarfed by the Walls of the Zion Narrows

 There were three groups of hikers that hiked the Zion Narrows over two days. John, the man, had a group on Friday and Saturday (his Sunday group was cancelled due to flooding) and Ann Cronin led another group on Friday. The chance of flooding on Friday was "Possible." The chance of flooding on Saturday was "Probable." When Sunday rolled around, the chance of flooding was "Expected." And, sure enough, storms hit the area north of the Narrows really hard on Saturday night and the river was flooding when we woke the next day.

 All of the groups began their hike by taking the shuttle to the end of the line, the Temple of Sinewava shuttle stop. They walked out the paved one mile trail called the Riverside Walk and stepped into the water. Jerry's photo below shows the first river crossing here. As soon as the feet got wet the first time, everyone relished getting into the water every time after that! It was cool and refreshing at 63 degrees F. It was immediately apparent to the hike leaders that the river was at optimal conditions, shallow and warm! ... well, warm for the Narrows!

End of Paved Trail, Beginning of Narrows Hike

One of Many River Crossings

Joan Leads the Group Through Wall Street

 Ann's group was going to stop at Orderville Canyon, seen in the photo to the left. But the conditions were so good that they all decided to go up just a little further. John's groups went all the way through Wall Street and snacked on the other side.

 The Zion Narrows is a classic hike known the world over and it didn't disappoint anyone! The scenery was magnificent and the feeling of walking between the high walls in the water is a lifetime experience. The hike, itself, is a workout over a total of 5 to 6 miles with minimal elevation gain. It usually takes around six hours to complete.

Ann Cronin's Friday Group Being Overtaken by John's Group

John's Friday Group

John's Saturday Group Plus the Two People from the Hungarian Hiking Group!

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