Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Petroglyph Evening Stroll - Zion National Park - 9/6/13

Many Pools Canyon

Petroglyphs in Petroglyph Canyon

 Nine hikers drove over to the east side of Zion NP for a look at the Petroglyphs inside Petroglyph Canyon. They parked at a turnout after the small tunnel and dropped down into the Clear Creek wash. The recent rains had left several "pools" of sticky mud in the wash that obliged us to find our way around them. We went through the old culvert that was built when the road was built and came out in Petroglyph Canyon. We found the writings and enjoyed looking at them for a few minutes after registering in the log book.

Enjoying the Ancient Writings

 Next, we walked down through the muddy Clear Creek wash for a little ways and found the slot canyon. From there, we found a wash to bring us across the road and over to the Many Pools Canyon. Some of the hikers were uninterested in exploring any of Many Pools so we returned over land to the cars. Normally, it is a very pleasant two mile hike. Today, perhaps a little over a mile.

Clear Creek Slot

Wall of Clear Creek Slot

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