Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Emerald Pools - Zion National Park - 9/6/13 & 9/7/13

Middle Emerald Pool

Upper Emerald Pool

 There were two organized outings to the Emerald Pools over the weekend. One outing was developed at the last minute after their Angel's Landing hike had been completed. The other outing was hiked on Saturday led by Chris Neinaber. Both hikes began at the Grotto shuttle stop in Zion National Park. They crossed the river and turned left onto the Kayenta Trail.

 The Kayenta Trail took the hikers around to the north side of the Emerald Pools alcove. From there, the hikers crossed the Middle Pool area and climbed up to the Upper Pools to take their break. Coming back down through the Middle Pool area, the hikers continued to the south side of the alcove and took the Middle Pool and Lower Pool Trails back down to the Zion Lodge. This is a 3 mile hike with around 500 feet of elevation gain.

Falls from Middle to Lower Emerald Pools

Crossing the Bridge to Zion Lodge

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